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Abstract black & white piece portraying the face of Mos Def looking back at us

Mos Def sketch portrait

Piece completed August 2013.

Black & white Illustration of Hmmmbates, face is toward the right with eyes looking down at us

Hmmmbates portrait

Piece completed August 2013.

Black, white & red Illustration of Uno facing & looking at us, in a blazer with red pocket square

Uno portrait

Piece completed May 2013.

Abstract pencil piece portraying Snoop Dogg looking over his left shoulder facing us

Abstract Snoop

Abstract pencil piece, completed May 2013.

Black & white illustration of a young Michael Jackson with afro facing right wearing collared shirt

Michael Jackson portrait

Piece completed April 2013.

Black & white illustration of Amy Winehouse facing & looking back at us, her hair up and mouth open

Amy Winehouse portrait

Piece completed December 2012.

Pencil piece of Roselie facing us, wearing a halterneck top with hair flowing around her shoulders

Roselie portrait

Piece completed September 2012.