PixelsPencil X Scott Perry

July, 2014

PixelsPencil X Scott Perry, a magical collaboration between artist and magician, July 2014

Scott Perry has been a friend for a few years now, we met through a hobby we mutually enjoyed and our friendship has grown since. We got to know each other and learned about each others main interests in our lives, mine is obviously art and Scott's is magic and he has be named "one of the UK’s top sleight of hand magicians". I've been following Scott and the progress of SPMagic for the last few years and have been lucky enough to had sneak peeks at various ideas he was working on as well as many late night discussions about my art and his magic.

It was only a matter of time before the suggestions arose about a possible collaboration between both of us and our interests, my Sketch in a Bottle project came up several times and we thought this would be a great platform to use as the basis for a collaboration to create something slightly magical.

Scott has been showing me a few concepts over the last few weeks and shared the final video with me recently and we both decided to go live so below is the result of our first proper collaboration, I very much hope you all enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed discussing this collaboration and making it happen.

Massive thanks to Scott Perry for his work on this collaboration! You can find out more about us both on the below links.

Scott Perry, SP Magic – Instagram | YouTube | Website | Facebook
PixelsPencil – Instagram | Facebook

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