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April, 2014

RE3CO 'Beasts of Burden' album artwork, by PixelsPencil, completed April 2014

I met RE3CO in 2014 via a friend on Social media and we got chatting about music and art and this commission came about. I was asked to work on album artwork for his upcoming album which was release Summer 2014.

Above is the final artwork scan and below are the final cover designs for all covers, front, back and bonus. The whole album art was hand drawn, inked and then taken in to Photoshop and laid out to RE3CO's specifications.

There is also an album playlist from his Bandcamp page below along with some of his music videos.
RE3CO "Beasts of Burden" - front cover
RE3CO "Beasts of Burden" - regular back cover
RE3CO "Beasts of Burden" - bonus version inside back cover
Buy the album from Bandcamp and support this great uk hip hop artist

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